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Project application

Start-up grants

Here you find information about the Dutch Albert Schweitzer Foundation’s process to apply for a grant. We value flexibility in this process and aim to clearly articulate what information is required from the applicant. This is why we work with a grant application form, which is intended to assist you with your application. In addition, we have listed a number of conditions and requirements that will further clarify our process. 

Download here the project application form 

Download here the application criteria and conditions

Download here the project assessment form


Applications are considered 4 times a year during the general meetings of the board of the NASF. Within two weeks after the board meeting, applicants are informed of the board’s decision. For 2014, the board is scheduled to hold general meetings on the following dates:


General Meeting Board NASF

13 March 2014

10 June 2014

11 September 2014

11 December 2014

You can email your grant application to project@nasf.nl and/or by mail to: 

Dutch Albert Schweitzer Foundation (NASF)
attention Mrs Sandra van der Berg
PO Box 8568
3503 RN Utrecht
The Netherlands

Download the Project application form