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Support us as a partner

Partnership for Impact.

At Albert Schweitzer Fonds (ASF), we strive for a world in which all vulnerable people in Sub-Saharan Africa have equal opportunities for a hopeful future. We invite enthusiastic partners to join us in working towards this inspiring goal. Whether you are a company, institution, club, or individual, your structural support is invaluable.

Why become a partner of Albert Schweitzer Fonds?

1. Equity in health and wellbeing:

By becoming a partner, you contribute directly to equal opportunities for vulnerable communities in Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of health and wellbeing.

2. Long-term connection:

As a partner, you establish a long-term connection with us. This is more than a one-off contribution; it is a commitment to positively influence and strengthen the future of vulnerable communities together.

3. Flexible support:

Partnerships can take different forms. Whether it involves financial contributions, donations of products or services, your support is welcome and will be tailored in a way that best suits your organisation.

4. Visible impact:

As a partner, you immediately see the impact of your support. You are part of concrete changes in the lives of vulnerable groups in Sub-Saharan Africa. We would love to show you and your employees or partners the difference your support makes in people’s lives.

If you would like to be featured on our website as a partner, that is possible too.

How can you become a partner?

Want to contribute to a hopeful future for vulnerable communities in Sub-Saharan Africa and work with Albert Schweitzer Fonds? Contact us! Whether it involves a financial contribution, product donations or other types of support, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities and the positive impact we can create together.