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Take action

Want to help improve the lives of vulnerable groups in Sub-Saharan Africa? Good news – there are countless ways you can take action for the Albert Schweitzer Fund (ASF) and make a difference.

  • Donations and sponsorships: Make a one-time donation or consider sponsoring us quarterly or semi-annually. Any amount contributes to projects that help vulnerable groups of people. With us, 100% of your donation goes to charity. You can choose a project yourself or let us choose where your donation contributes.
  • Organize a fundraiser: Gather friends, family or colleagues and organize a fundraiser. Consider a sponsored run, a cake sale or an online auction!
  • Birthday or anniversary: Is it your birthday or getting married? Ask your family and friends to make a donation. You can also share this through your socials, how fun is that!
  • Become an ASF Ambassador: Spread awareness about the ASF in your network. Become an ambassador and share our mission on social media, at events or in your local network.
  • Corporate Collaboration: Get your company involved in supporting a good cause. Explore opportunities for corporate sponsorship or team building activities to benefit the ASF.
  • Volunteer: Volunteer at the ASF. Whether you’re handy with text, social media or Salesforce, there’s always a place for you on our team.
  • Share your story: Have you supported the ASF? Share your experience on social media and inspire others to take action as well.

Whatever you choose, every small action makes a big difference for the vulnerable in Sub-Saharan Africa. Together, we can bring hope, education and health to those who need it most. Want to learn more about how you can contribute? Contact us at and join us in making a lasting impact!